The Budget/Finance/Buildings/Grounds Committee

The Budget/Finance/Buildings/Grounds Committee
is a standing subcommittee of the Westampton School Board. It is comprised of not more than 4 members and a District level administrator. Members are appointed annually by the President of the School Board. The Committee elects a Chairperson, annually.


The role of the Budget/Finance/Buildings/Grounds Committee of the Westampton School Board includes:


• Plan, review and monitor the district budget

• Utilize the annual school budget preparation process as a means to communicate within the schools and the community

• Work with district administrators to prepare a budget that provides adequate resources to maintain the District's programs and facilities

• Review and recommend to the full Board any changes in Westampton District Policies pertaining to facilities, fiscal management, and other applicable areas

• Report, to the full Board, the outcome of each sub-committee meeting